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[SFM] Teardrop 1:01 animated by kungfubellydancer [SFM] Teardrop 1:01 animated :iconkungfubellydancer:kungfubellydancer 84 17
EngineerXReader TF2: Valentines Day in Tuefort
It was Valentines day, You had already given everyone paper hearts you had colored and made yourself. You got mixed reactions but everyone loved them because they were from you, as far as everyone was concerned you were their sweet heart...but there was one in particular that you wanted to do something extra special for and that was your sweet heart, your crush...Engineer. He always worked so hard on everything he did for his team mates never thinking of himself but of others before he did him. So you had the idea to repay your favorite Engineer by cleaning up his work space! You cared for him so deeply you couldn't think of a better I love you and appreciate everything you are by doing a good deed. At the time it seemed like a good idea! the time...
You personally made a distraction of your own kind to keep him busy at least for a couple of hours putting a temporary gunk on some of his sentry's true he would be mad for a little while but it was going to be worth it! You seen him
:iconmurdocisgod:murdocisgod 155 90
dude by sikkofoley dude :iconsikkofoley:sikkofoley 512 33 pony tf2: Offense ponies by chinalover551989 pony tf2: Offense ponies :iconchinalover551989:chinalover551989 220 26 My Little Laborer: Friendship is Credit to Team by Overcharge My Little Laborer: Friendship is Credit to Team :iconovercharge:Overcharge 55 2
Request for FlyingTigerr Superman x Reader
Request for FlyingTigerr
Superman x Reader
AN: Reader is Bruce Wayne’s little sister and a superhero in her own right.  Robin’s a teenager in this fic; he’s kind of like the reader’s adoptive little brother.
“Ninja, how far away are you?” The impatient voice of your older brother came through the com device.
“I’m kinda in the middle of something here!” You replied, before pocketing the com device and kicking a hopeful thief in the face, knocking him out cold.  One of his team charged you and you flipped back on your hands three times before pulling out one of your special knives and throwing it at him.
The knife soared over his head and connected with the wall, “You missed!” He gloated but didn’t notice the thin wire connecting him to the knife. “No I didn’t.” You replied and pulled a gadget from your belt and pressed a button on the gadget.
A small electric shock travelled through the m
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 333 90
Teddy engie by Lintufriikki Teddy engie :iconlintufriikki:Lintufriikki 2,769 227 Izzy Commission by Banzchan Izzy Commission :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 1,422 35 King of All Trolls by Raithe King of All Trolls :iconraithe:Raithe 253 36
Sex Ed (AvengersxReader) One-Shot
When Director Fury insisted that Steve take a sex ed class so that he could be more informed about how sex had changed over the past sixty years, Steve felt like the awkward teenager he was many, many years ago. A lump formed in his throat and his palms began to sweat. Thankfully Phil had opted out on that mission on teaching Rogers new things about the world. That would have been quite awkward.
But it had turned out to be far more worse for Steve.
Fury had asked the Avengers team to help him out. After the incident with Thor in Asgard with Loki dying, and after the Winter Soldier incident, Fury realized that it was time to get Steve, “more exposed to the world.” He didn’t know what that meant and he was too scared to find out. What was even scarier was that the Avengers never organized a meeting on when his sex ed class would start. They all had agreed without him that it would start when he least expect it to make it less awkward.
So while Steve sat on the couch and
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 765 380
Law X Reader: Party Pooper
“I can’t believe I actually decided to form an alliance with this moron.” Law sighed, leaning up against the main mast of the Thousand Sunny, pulling his hat down past his eyes with a noticeable frown on his face.
You, who had come with Law onto the ship, were completely enjoying yourself in the bouncy and joyful environment, next to him sulking in the corner of course. And Caesar. He was on the other end of the ship up against a wall sulking about his capture.
“This was your idea, Law! Not mine~!” You called at him from in the middle of a silly game with the Straw Hats. “You should loosen up for once! Maybe this ought to do you some good. Even I saw how worked up your ass was working with Caesar. Good choice bringing me along. I can’t get a damn word in to get you to have fun!”
“Oi! Tra-guy! Get over here and come play!” Luffy yelled childishly from behind you. “Your partner ______ is so fun!” He added.
“I d
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 382 53
Goten and Trunks by Roxi-art Goten and Trunks :iconroxi-art:Roxi-art 245 18 Unspoken Connection by WhiskeyGal Unspoken Connection :iconwhiskeygal:WhiskeyGal 31 24 _Arcancy_OC_One_Piece_ by LadyBarbero _Arcancy_OC_One_Piece_ :iconladybarbero:LadyBarbero 71 23
Florida Vacation Ch.1 ~Hetalia x Reader
It was six in the morning, the moon and stars stretching out what little time they had left before the sun brought day. You hadn't fallen asleep yet, nor did you want to. The entire school year you had been watching the clock strike the last minute of school, marking off the days until summer's freedom arrived. When it had finally come, your parents had entrusted you with the house to go to Cancun and you had taken the opportunity to spend the first week celebrating with parties at friends' houses, a different house every day.
But now, now you had nothing to do but flick through channels and surf the internet. In fact, you had been doing it for the past eight hours, flicking from Family Guy to YouTube with head in hand. A half-filled bowl of popcorn sat at your side, your hand milling around every once in a while for a handful to pop in your mouth. A soda sat at your feet patiently. Even with your boredom, you could always count on Peter Griffin to cheer you up.
You shoved another mout
:iconakali13:Akali13 295 525
Mature content
America x Male!Reader ~The Reason [LEMON] :iconisland-of-atlantis:Island-Of-Atlantis 746 220


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